The Regional Colors with History

Richlite's Northwest Collection is available in FSC Certified and/or recycled colors with names that reflect natural and historic landmarks near Richlite's headquarters in Tacoma, Washington. They include Grays Harbor, Chocolate Glacier, Black Diamond, Blue Canyon, Browns Point, Green Mountain, Redstone and Yellow Island.
Other recycled products include r50, made out of 50% old corrugated cardboard and r100, 100% recycled FSC-Certified paper.

Black Diamond

In the wooded hills bordering the Cascade mountain range, Black Diamond's roots beckon back to the mining days of 1880. Today the quaint berg is home to a growing number of people who have relocated to the area to enjoy the serenity of nature.
Black Diamond becomes a rich, velvety black.


Redstone Peak, at 5,720 feet, is a remarkable jagged rock formation on the remote north side of 14,410-foot Mount Rainier. During certain parts of the day the sun's reflection off the rock creates a stunning red hue. Redstone appears as a deep wine red at first, darkening slightly while becoming warmer.

Chocolate Glacier

Hidden deep in Wahsington's rugged Cascade mountain range, Chocolate Glacier is one of the main ice flows on Glacier Peak, a 10,541-foot volcano. Hiking to the glacier is a true wilderness experience with the closest road more than eight miles away.
Darkens to a rich brownish-black.

Blue Canyon

Named for a natural blue haze that blankets the area, Blue Canyon is located on Lake Whatcom in northern Washington. An important region during the early 1900's, the town became deserted when the local coal mine closed in 1919 and is now classified as a semi-ghost town.
First appears as a dark cobalt blue and darkens toward navy, eventually becoming almost black.

Browns Point

Browns Point, best known for the historical lighthouse that guides ships through Commencement Bay, was first lit in 1887 (two years before Washington became a state). It was originally named "Point Brown" and the first resident keeper was coincidentally, Oscar Brown.
Starts off as a medium brown, aging into a leathery honey brown.

Grays Harbor

Captain Robert Gray, the first American to circumnavigate the globe, originally discovered Grays Harbor in 1792. This majestic deep water port links the Pacific Ocean to the enchanting Quinault Rain Forest.
Starts off dark grey, aging into a deep, gunmetal hue.


Made with 50% old corrugated cardboard (post consumer waste) collected from recycle bins and then returned as a durable and unique surface material.

Starts as a medium brown, aging into a warm, honey-brown - similar to Browns Point. You can differentiate this color by noticing the small specks common to recycled paper.


Made with 100% recycled paper (post consumer waste) collected from recycle bins and then returned as a durable and unique surface material.

Since the paper color is neutral, the color you see is purely a result of the resin. It first appears a pale, amber color and over time will darken to sienna, similar to an old fir floor.

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